Solar Energy Solution

We offer reliable, innovative and affordable Solar Solutions to our customers. Our unmatched project execution capabilities help us deliver word class solutions with highest global standards.  Our Solutions cover the entire spectrum including:- Industrial /Commercial Solutions. (On Grid & Hybrid Solar System) Residential Rooftop Systems for Home consumers. (On Grid & Hybrid Solar System) Solar Street Lightning solutions.

Our Solar Services Include:

  1. Trading (Solar Panel, Solar Inverter Solar Batteries)
  2. Installation Services
  3. Engineering Consultancy
  4. Project Management Services
  5. Turn-key Project Development

Completed Projects:

  1. Industrial Project 470 KW
  2. Solar Pumping Solutions 240 KW
  3. RO Plant Projects 320KW
  4. Residential Projects 140 KW

Electrical Solutions

We provide complete and integrated energy Solutions in Electrical sectors as diverse as: Control Panel, Energy Management, Laying Wires & Cables, Turnkey Projects and Electrical Products. Over the years we have built a strong knowledge base around the areas of Electrical Fields. We provide all types of Electrical related services to our clients.

Our Electrical Solutions cover the entire spectrum including:

  1. Annual Building Maintenance Contracts (Electrical, Plumbing & lift)
  2. Electrical Installations, (Industrial Project, Housing Colony Project, Building Project,)
  3. Electrical Designing
  4. Energy Audit
  5. L.T & H.T. (Up to 33 KV)
  6. Trading (Electrical Item)
  7. Annual Maintenance Contracts
  8. Repairs and Manufacturers of Electrical Control Panels.

CCTV Solutions

RN Group has installed CCTV systems, we not only offers the finest equipment available but also designed to achieve a cost effective approach to current and future needs of customers.  We expect our colleagues to care for each other, to create an engaging work environment and to communicate honestly. We share an unrelenting drive to succeed, a propensity to make bold moves and a commitment to our values. Our business demands that our teams know the boundaries. We combine speed with the strength of our partners to succeed. The success of our company is attributed to the level of customer service that we provide and the quality of the work we perform.

Our CCTV Solutions cover the entire spectrum including:

  1. IP Standard System 
    Internet protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera.
  2. AHD System 
    AHD CCTV is an analog high definition closed-circuit television video surveillance standard.
  3. HDCVI System 
    HDCVI CCTV stands for High Definition Composite Video Interface


RN Group is an Engineering Company which specializes in supply and maintenance of soundproof and basic industrial generators. We offer unique and quality services with sophisticated modern industrial generators, with the customer’s interest first in mind.
A preventative maintenance program will increase the reliability of your generator system. In addition to scheduled maintenance and a load bank test, a fuel polishing program will provide early detection of small problems to reduce costly repairs and down time. Our factory-trained technicians can service most makes and models of generator systems.

Our Generator Services cover the entire spectrum including:

  1. Yearly Planned
  2. Maintenance Program
  3. Load Bank Testing
  4. Fluid Analysis
  5. Vibration Testing
  6. Fuel Polishing
  7. Remote Monitoring